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Nursing Education Papers

The following are NCSBN education papers that have been written and approved since 2002, by the NCSBN Board of Directors and all NCSBN voting members at our Delegate Assembly. The papers are listed in the order they were adopted.

  • Policy Brief: Clinical Experiences for Unvaccinated Nursing Students

    To provide guidance to boards of nursing and nursing education programs that are receiving requests from students for alternate clinical experiences when the program’s clinical sites require the COVID-19 vaccine.

    2021  | Papers

  • Policy Brief Dissemination of COVID Information

    To address the misinformation being disseminated about COVID-19 by nurses.For the purposes of this statement, misinformation is defined as distorted facts, inaccurate or misleading information not grounded in the peer-reviewed scientific literature and counter to information being disseminated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    2021  | Papers

  • Policy Brief: U.S. Nursing Leadership Supports Practice/Academic Partnerships to Assist the Nursing Workforce during the COVID-19 Crisis

    This opportunity will not only provide much needed clinical education to assist in meeting program requirements, it is an unparalleled opportunity for nursing students to assist the nation in a time of crisis and learn the principles of population health and emergency management. This academic-practice model demonstrates that in the midst of a periling disruption in the environment, such as COVID-19, continuous innovation can occur

    2021  | Papers

  • A Global Profile of Nursing Regulation, Education, and Practice

    The Global Profile of Nursing Regulation, Education, and Practice is an in-depth analysis of the nursing regulation data collected in NCSBN’s Global Regulatory Atlas. Information on nursing governance, licensure and registration, education, discipline, and practice has been compiled from 320 jurisdictions representing more than 21 million nurses worldwide. This profile presents an analysis of these data at both a global and regional level.

    2020  | Papers

  • Report on BON Approval Survey- 2017

    A survey was disseminated to the BON, inquiring about their approval processes. The attached, contains the weighted average of Questions 1 & 2 along with a summary report.

    2017  | Papers

  • 2016 Nursing Education Trends Committee Report

    NCSBN’s 2015-16 Nursing Education Trends Committee was charged by the Board of Directors to explore and identify trends and issues in the regulatory oversight of nursing education programs. This report summarizes the committee findings and includes the literature review that was developed as a foundation for this work.

    2016  | Papers

  • Preceptor support in hospital transition to practice programs

    Preceptor support in hospital transition to practice (TTP) programs.

    2015  | Papers

  • Regulatory Implications and Recommendations for Distance Education in Prelicensure Nursing Programs

    Regulatory Implications and Recommendations for Distance Education in Prelicensure Nursing Programs." Description: This article provides the background and related literature findings for the recommendations that NCSBN's Distance Learning Education Committee made for prelicensure nursing programs. These recommendations were adopted at NCSBN's 2014 annual meeting. Further, regulator and educator issues are explored. Five regulatory guidelines are explained, and a timeline for BONs meeting these recommendations is described. Citation: Lower, B. & Spector, N. (2014). Regulatory implications and recommendations for distance education in prelicensure nursing programs. Journal of Nursing Regulation, 5(3), 24-33.

    2014  | Papers

  • White Paper: Nursing Regulation Recommendations for Distance Education

    Background and literature review on the regulation of prelicensure distance education programs; regulatory issues; recommendations for BONs; visual model and timeline for adopting the recommendations.

    2014  | Papers

  • 2012 Prelicensure Nursing Program Approval

    This is Part II of the Nursing Education Committee document, which contains strategies for moving forward on the future of approval of BONs. As part of this work, the committee members hosted a World Cafe' meeting, where the participants dialogued about the alignment of approval, education and accreditation. See the monograph that resulted from that World Cafe' meeting.

    2012  | Papers

  • A Preferred Future for Prelicensure Nursing Program Approval

    NCSBN's Nursing Education Committee wrote a report on the first year of their work in analyzing and making recommendations for the future of approval by Boards of Nursing. This report was approved in May 2011, by NCSBN's Board of Directors.

    2011  | Papers

  • A Nurse's Guide to the Use of Social Media

    NCSBN's Disciplinary Resources Committee studied the increasing use and misuse of social media in health care.

    2011  | Papers

  • 2010 Policy Position Statement

    Position statement on the advancement of Nursing Education. NCSBN's Board of Directors endorses continued learning at all levels of nursing and supports the Tri-Council consensus policy on the advancement of Nursing Education.

    2010  | Papers

  • Innovations in Education Regulation Report

    This report of the Innovations in Education Regulation Committee details the history of the committee and presents the definitions and recommendations; a synopsis of the literature; a full report from the collaborative call held with education leaders; and a discussion of the influences that affect innovations, particularly regulatory influences.

    2009  | Papers

  • Comparison of Tuning Competencies to U.S. National Accepted Competencies

    This paper compares the European Tuning model of nursing education with : AACN's Baccalaureate Essentials; NCLEX Activity Statements; NLN Associate Degree Competencies, and the QSEN Competencies.

    2008  | Papers

  • Transition Evidence Grid

    This report is a companion to the Transition to Practice Report. This is a comprehensive report of all the evidence identified by the Transition to Practice Committee that is relevant to a regulatory transition model. This report was adopted by the May, 2008 NCSBN Board of Directors.

    2008  | Papers

  • Consensus Model for APRN Regulation: Licensure, Accreditation, Certification and Education

    Gain a better understanding of the requirements for adopting the Consensus Model for APRN Regulation.

    2008  | Papers

  • Faculty Qualifications Paper

    Faculty Qualifications.

    2008  | Papers

  • Transition to Practice Report

    This report is a companion to the Transition Evidence Grid. The report synthesizes all the evidence on transitioning new nurses to practice. It illustrates the importance of formal transition programs in protecting the public, and it provides the data that support the components of the Transition Regulatory Model. This report was adopted by the May, 2008 NCSBN Board of Directors.

    2008  | Papers

  • Medication Assistant-Certified (MA-C) Curriculum - 2-page instructor’s Quick Reference to the Curriculum

    Document for assessing whether students have mastered the major areas of content. Each module contains recommended didactic and skills hours, as well as objectives, a content outline, evaluation criteria, and suggested references.

    2007  | Papers

  • Medication Assistant-Certified (MA-C) Curriculum

    The Medication Assistant Curriculum was adopted by the 2007 Delegate Assembly for those boards that regulate medication assistants. The curriculum includes a preamble that explains the use of the curriculum, the background of its development, recommended hours of training and admission requirements, and defines the terms being used. The curriculum itself includes 5 didactic modules in medication fundamentals, safety, communication and documentation, medication administration, and ethical legal, along with a clinical practicum module.

    2007  | Papers

  • 2007 Core Competencies Paper

    NCSBN surveyed Boards of Nursing to see which jurisdictions have core curricula, and these are outlined in this document. This document also contains a list of nursing program definitions by the education consultants of Boards of Nursing (such as one-plus-one, PN Exit, generalist, etc) because the terminology has become confusing.

    2007  | Papers

  • The Evidence-based Nursing Education for Regulation (EBNER) report

    This report was written after 4 years of work identifying evidence-based nursing education strategies that are essential for preparing new nurses for safe entry-level practice. These recommendations are based on a systematic review of outcomes research in nursing education, as well as NCSBN's own education studies. Adopted August, 2006.

    2006  | Papers

  • Clinical Instruction in Prelicensure Nursing Programs

    NCSBN's membership takes the position that all prelicensure students should have supervised, clinical experiences with actual patients, at the level of licensure to which they are seeking. This paper provides the background and evidence for that decision.

    2005  | Papers

  • Practical Nurse Scope of Practice White Paper

    This paper was written after NCSBN brought in a focus group of LPN/VN experts from around the country. The paper reviews the rich discussion that took place at the focus group, presents internal and external research findings of the PN scope of practice, and reviews surveys that were sent to boards of nursing and external PN groups. The paper makes six recommendations. Adopted August, 2005.

    2005  | Papers

  • Systematic Review of Studies on Nursing Education Outcomes: An Evolving Review

    This paper critically reviews the available research on methodologies used to educate nurses, particularly looking at those studies that identify outcomes. Specified criteria were used for selecting the studies, and each study was reviewed with regard to: sample, comparison studied, procedures, key results, strengths and weaknesses, and implications for boards of nursing. Adopted August, 2005.

    2005  | Papers

  • White Paper on the State of the Art of Approval/Accreditation Processes in Boards of Nursing

    This paper reviews the history of approval/accreditation in the U.S. as well as the international view of the regulation of nursing programs. The six models used by the U.S. boards of nursing to approve/accredit nursing programs are identified, recommendations are made, and future trends are identified. Adopted August, 2004

    2004  | Papers

Nursing Education Publications

The following is a list of articles and book chapters written by NCSBN staff and members found in NCSBN's journal and other journals and books.