Guidelines for Medical Marijuana

The July 2018 Supplement to the Journal of Nursing Regulation (JNR) contains the “NCSBN National Nursing Guidelines for Medical Marijuana.”

This body of work fills the gap in the literature on the nursing care of patients using medical marijuana and provides evidence-based nursing guidelines. The JNR supplement covers:

  • Current Legislation, Scientific Literature Review, and Nursing Implications
  • Nursing Care of the Patient Using Medical Marijuana
  • Medical Marijuana Education in Pre-Licensure Nursing Programs
  • Medical Marijuana Education in APRN Nursing Programs

A related Continuing Education article in the Journal of Nursing Regulation, Caring for Patients Using Medical Marijuana 1.0 CE,  contains the NCSBN Nursing Guidelines for the Nursing Care of Patients using Medical Marijuana which were published in July 2018, and various updates since that publication.