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Board of Nursing Complaint Process: Investigation to Resolution Video

Once a complaint is filed with a board of nursing, the boards have a complaint process they follow from review to resolution. This process is summarized in the NCSBN video Board of Nursing Complaint Process: Investigation to Resolution. This video was developed by the NCSBN 2010 Disciplinary Resource Committee and produced by NCSBN. Watch now

Board Action Pathway

The Board Action Pathway (BAP) was designed at the request of regulatory boards. The BAP is designed to assist boards of nursing in their determination of whether the action of the nurse constituted a violation of the standard of care. Specifically developed for use in the evaluation of cases of nursing practice errors or unprofessional conduct, the BAP uses a paradigm that focuses on analysis of the (1) system and (2) nurse's behavioral choices.    Additional details 

Substance Use Disorder in Nursing Resources

Nurses who abuse substances pose a unique challenge to the nursing profession. The behavior that results from this disease has far-reaching and negative effects, not only on the nurses themselves, but also upon the patients who depend on the nurse for safe, competent care. Substance Use Disorder among health care providers also creates significant legal and ethical responsibilities for colleagues who work with these individuals. SUD in Nursing resources provide valuable information.

Social Media Guidelines

The use of social media and other electronic communication is expanding exponentially. While social media is an exciting and valuable tool to nurses when used wisely, it can pose risks when used inappropriately. NCSBN’s Social Media Guidelines help minimize that risk.

Discipline Publications, Articles & Courses

Nursing Pathways for Patient Safety

With a wealth of helpful guidelines and assessment tools, Nursing Pathways for Patient Safety makes it easy to identify the causes of practice breakdowns and to reduce health care errors.

What You Need to Know About Substance Use Disorder in Nursing

This brochure explains how substance use disorder (SUD) affects the nursing profession. Nurses have a legal ethical responsibility to report a colleague’s suspected drug use; learn how to recognize the warning signs and what to do to get a colleague help. Nurses that educate themselves about SUD help not only their colleagues, but they also protect patients. 

Practical Guidelines for Boards of Nursing on Sexual Misconduct Cases

This resource provides boards of nursing with practical guidelines in making decisions about sexual misconduct cases in their mission of public protection.

Online Courses

NCSBN offers online courses on topics that are often assigned to nurses for remediation

Nurse Practice Acts
Righting a Wrong
Upholding the Standard: Professional Accountability in Nursing