Member Board Profiles

Member Board Profiles is a comprehensive database which provides detailed information about NCSBN's Member Boards.

This data is collected through survey of the 59 Member Boards and last updated in March 2018. The data includes a snapshot of the boards.

  • Structure and Governance
  • Licensure Requirements and Operations
  • Education Requirements
  • Discipline, Delegation, Telenursing
  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Regulation
  • Assistive Personnel Regulation

The compiled data is available as a complete report or as a customized report via the Member Board Profiles Custom Report Tool. A report can be customized by jurisdiction(s), umbrella or independent boards, RN-only or PN-only boards and/or question(s). The information contained in the reports is subject to change in the intervening time between survey of member boards. Specific verification of state data should be completed through comparison with the state nurse practice act and regulations or contacting the state board of nursing

More about Member Board Profiles and access past reports.